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RAMS Advantage Terms & Conditions


The RAMS Advantage is designed to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for air transportation for those with health insurance that provides coverage for air transport.

a.      With Health Insurance - A bill will be sent to your health insurance company first for payment. RAMS will accept amounts paid by the member’s health insurance as payment in full.
b.      Without Health Insurance - Members who do not have current health insurance at the time of transport will receive a discount equal to 20% of the total billed charges and is liable for the remainder of the bill.

Individual, Family, Group, or Business Coverage is available.
a.      Family - Covers anyone residing at the primary member’s residence, except individuals who are Medicaid recipients.
b.      Group/Business Rules: Membership belongs to the employee. If the employee leaves their employment, the membership stays with the employee subscribed until the end of the current enrollment period.

Discounts Available
  • Group Affiliations 
  • Healthcare providers
  • Medical responders
  • Business Discounts available by calling for details.
  • Only one discount per member is allowed. Required proof needed for discount.


1.      Membership cannot be provided to Medicaid recipients due to state and federal regulations.
2.      Transports must be deemed medically necessary if any transport is deemed NOT medically necessary. The member will receive a 20% discount of the total billed charges, and the member is liable for the remainder of the bill after the discount.
3.      Medical necessity and mode of transport must be determined by a healthcare professional, pre-hospital health care provider, or another qualified third party recognized by Medicare.
4.      Transport will be to the closest appropriate medical facility.
5.      This membership does not include hospital neonatal helicopter transports for infants less than 28 days from birth unless previously discharged from the hospital.
6.      Newborns can be immediately added to the membership without prior notification or a waiting period if the parents have an active membership. Please notify the RAMS office to add the newborn as soon as possible.
7.      Membership is valid on the seventh day after receipt of payment, remains active for one year from that date, and is fully compliant with billing terms as outlined in the terms provided at the time of enrollment. By enrolling as a member, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of the membership.
8.      Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
9.      Members will not receive benefits if transported by a company other than RAMS. State and federal laws regulate that RAMS cannot legally pay for out-of-pocket expenses for other unaffiliated air medical membership programs.
10.   Check with your health insurance company to see complete medical coverage for air ambulance and other medical care. RAMS Advantage is not an insurance program but works as a supplement package.
11.   Your membership does not cover any other medical services or any other emergency providers.
12.   Membership lists will not be sold/distributed.

Patient Responsibility

I understand that I am responsible for payment for all air medical transport services provided to me by RAMS. However, this membership will provide additional coverage as noted above. See coverage section for more details.

With any life-changing event (marriage, divorce, childbirth), please notify the RAMS office to update membership.


Membership will remain current for one year. Before expiring, an option of membership renewal will be sent. If membership lapses, benefits are canceled. A reactivation would require a new membership and full terms to be met.

There is no grace period for benefits after the lapsed date.


Transport services may not be available due to factors beyond RAM’s control, including, but not limited to: weather conditions, geographic constraints, committed to another transport, aircraft out-of-service, and patient size/weight.

Wild Apricot is the software vendor for membership.

Golden Hour is the outsource billing company for RAMS. See Golden Hour for privacy practices, terms, and conditions. 

Membership rules can be changed at any time and without notice, but most current rules can be found on the website.

About RAMS

It is our positive commitment to provide quality service to each community that we serve. Constant assessment and change will be the foundation for our success. RAMS is founded on traditions, values, knowledge and determination brought forth from a strong background in the EMS Industry.

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